Bruni Infrared Master Certified Inspections

Master Thermographer Bart Bruni ,  offers a unique and highly effective approach to infrared inspections in South Florida, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. A thorough infrared inspection of a property’s walls, ceilings, floors, plumbing, and wiring will reveal differences in temperature, or thermal variations. These thermal variations, or “suspicious” areas, provide our trained and certified IR inspectors with vital information about problems like energy loss, faulty wiring, water damage, roof leaks, pest problems, pipe leaks, and structural deficiencies.

All-New Infrared Aerial Drone Division

We now offer Aerial Drone applications that include Precision Crop Management, IR Livestock Management, Aggregate Inventory Solutions, Aerial Building Inspections and much more. Let Bruni Infrared be your “eye in the sky” with so many new ways to save you time and money.

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Infrared For Residential Applications:

  • Interior & Exterior Infrared Inspections for the need of home owners
  • Superior moisture and termite damage inspection reports that save you money
  • Discover potential damage when pre-qualifying a house for purchase or sale
  • Identify the problem, so home owners can choose the right contractor
  • A great way to add value and confidence to a home inspection
  • Ask about our Thermo-Scans for Homes, Condos and RVs

Reliable, Convenient & Affordable

Infrared For Commercial Applications:

  • Certified Infrared Inspections for Preventative Predictive Maintenance
  • Commercial Roof Moisture Surveys
  • Steam Inspections for PPM
  • Aerial Infrared Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections for PPM
  • Condo Association Scans

We Save You Money!

A certified infrared home inspection goes beyond the visual inspection.

Certified IR inspections determine precise locations for repairs or treatments for structures, components and much more. Infrared Certification from a national or an international certifying body, such as Infraspection Institute, is necessary to assure accurate data and qualified reports. An inspector using an IR camera and no formal infrared certification may provide false data that can cost you time and money.

th3WOFOE3EOur inspection can be purchased by the seller or the buyer, and helps prove that the home is a great value. Buyers want the peace of mind of knowing that the property will be completely inspected, and free of hidden damage. Sellers want to prove that they have nothing to hide and the property value is worth the price they are asking.

Bruni Certified Infrared inspections supply these needs and more. Our International Certified infrared home inspection reports assure the buyer that if there are issues such as mold, termites, or energy loss our certified IR inspectors can help. A Bruni IR report provides HD photos, easy to read infrared thermograms, report summary, results locating the problem, and recommendations as to what type of contractor will be necessary. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Types Of Infrared Inspections Include:

New Home Construction Inspections

Existing Residential and Commercial Buildings



Commercial Properties

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

11th Month Home Inspections

Survey inspections for retail store maintenance updates

What’s Included In An Infrared Inspection





HVAC Systems



Siding and Other Exterior Components

Ventilation & Drainage

…and much more!