It takes quality equipment and experience to detect hidden leaks.
Our Certified Infrared Leak Detection inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment to save homeowners time and money. We can find leaks behind walls, ceilings and floors. While it is true that leaks are more common in older properties, the truth is any property can have leaks or moisture problems. Poor construction, corrosion, and in many cases ground movement, can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. We find problems that over time, will make repairs more costly. If you can’t find it, you can’t fix it and that will cost you money.
Fast service is another large part of choosing a leak detection company. Our Certified IR Thermographers are Fast, Reliable, Accurate, and Affordable.
No more ripping up walls and floors looking for leaks, our non- destructive inspection protocols protect your home from water and inspection damages.
Let at us at Bruni Infrared help you with a Certified Thermographer that will locate the source of the leak. Call and talk me Bart Bruni level II Certified Pest Thermographer, State Certified Termite and Pest Management Consult with over two decades of experience with inspection structures for leaks

Our Certified infrared Inspection can diagnose:

Plumbing Issues – Infrared can assist in locating blockages in pipes behind walls.

Water Leaks – Detect the origin of otherwise hidden compromises.

Pool Leak Detection – Pool losing water? Infrared can help!

Roof and Ceiling Leaks – save time on commercial and residential jobs.

Quantify Repairs – proof for your clients.



We are a full service thermography company under the direction of Bart Bruni, Certified Master Thermographer and State Certified Termite and Pest Professional.


Our FAA fully licensed Aerial Drone Fleet uses the latest thermal infrared remote sensing technology to assist our clients all year in improving efficiency, reducing cost while protecting the environment.


We offer three levels of inspection that help eliminate the need for expensive swing stage scaffolding for inspecting windows and stucco on commercial buildings.

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