Infrared inspections before the state mandated structural studies for Florida’s new law provide crucial data and serve as a powerful bargaining tool when discussing cost proposals with contractors and engineers. Clearly communicating the project’s vision is essential when presenting to an elected board of directors, ensuring compliance with a safer, more efficient approach that minimizes stress for residents and management.


Combining Infrared Thermography, HD photography and certified infrared UAV drone data, with Virtual Reality, 3D Modeling, and Animation, along with Advanced Reporting Techniques to reveal and report and present in an affordable and exciting new way.


Individually these technologies have been emerging over the last 3 years and have provided new options for thermographic imaging presentation. Combining them together to evaluate hidden moisture and defects in building maintenance provides a new perspective with increased results.


We at Bruni Infrared have developed methods incorporating a 360-degree view of the building facade and the ability to go inside the building in virtual reality for further evaluation and capturing valuable thermal data to provide the best solutions.


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