Termites do more damage in the United States each year than fires and storms combined.
Termites and other invasive pests and critters are a threat to property owners across 70 percent of the world and in every part of the United States with the exception of Alaska. Infrared cameras are considered one of the most advanced and accurate tools known for determining and documenting subterranean termite damage and moisture damage in buildings. Results are instant and the thermal images are easy to understand and can serve as irrefutable proof in lawsuits.
Pest and termite practices recommended by the National Pest Control Association are called “Integrated Pest Management” or IPM. The concept is simple: to find the nest and eliminate it. However, this is easer said that done. One of the most effective tools to a pest professional is infrared (IR) imaging.
IR imaging has enhanced the standard of IPM
Fast – Certified Infrared inspections yield immediate information.
Accurate – Able to pinpoint the location of hard to find problems, like above-ground subterranean termite nests.
Reliable – Provides data that can help determine live infestations and the extent of damage.
Our inspection has the ability to reveal potential pest invasions, moisture intrusion that can lead to a host of problems. A Certified Infrared Thermography Report can provide additional value to keep your home sound and always ready for whatever you choose do now or in the future.
Convenient – It takes less inspection time, also our inspections are safe & non-destructive.
Let at us at Bruni Infrared help you with a Certified Pest Thermographer that will navigate through these dangerous waters by providing you and your Pest Company with valuable data to correct your live infestation as well as keep them from damaging re-infestations.
Affordable – Our pest inspection cost just a fraction of what you have currently invested in termite or pest treatment – not to mention the existing damage


Termites can be found by looking for nests, moisture sources, and evidence of damage in walls. When termites enter a home, they release heat from their digestive system in the form of carbon dioxide and construct mud tubes that have high moisture content, creating irregular heat patterns on the surface of walls, ceilings, and floors.


Thermal imagers are an increasingly popular, non-intrusive solution for finding pests in walls and other hidden places. The facts are that a rodent infestation is not sanitary and can cause significant damage to the wall, electric wires, insolation, and more. The best way to rid a rodent is to find the hidden nest, which is the power of Bruni Infrared.


Beekeepers are increasingly turning to thermal imaging to help them care for their bees, due primarily because infrared makes difficult, mundane tasks faster and more accurate than the naked eye when looking for hidden defects. Honeybee hives in or on your home can be hard to find. We can help you find hidden bee and wasp hives safely.


Wildlife population control of invasive species; an example is the Florida Everglades. This ecosystem has been invaded by non-indigenous Burmese Pythons over the last two decades and now is out of control.
Aerial Infrared application that Bruni Infrared & Associates created for locating invasive snakes by finding incubating females during mating season.


Precision Agricultural aerial data collection for crop services such as; NDVI, NIR, and IR provides valuable data throughout a growing season. The future for farming was never more challenging than now. Farmers will have to grow more food in less space to meet the future demand. This new hi-tech method will do that quickly at a reasonable cost. With or state of the art drone fleet, we can immediately spot-treat the areas that are under-producing.


Water Damage claims from leaks are covered when you have certified scientific proof on your side. No type of flood damage, no matter the source of the water, is covered by standard homeowners policies. Flood insurance is necessary for a damage claim. When you have flood damage, the insurance claim adjuster needs to see it to claim it. What about the hidden damage? Our hidden damage reports help our clients reclaim the money that they need for repairs and to get back to normal.



We are a full service thermography company under the direction of Bart Bruni, Certified Master Thermographer and State Certified Termite and Pest Professional.


Excessive moisture destroys structural integrity and creates huge, expensive problems like mold and mildew which can cause serious health concerns.


Our Certified Infrared Leak Detection inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment to save homeowners time and money.

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