Crop Insurance Claims Made Easy

Precision Crop Insurance that has data recorded by new aerial farming technology that allows claims to be adjusted in only a fraction of the time. Precision data for crop insurance claims provides confidence that your data is accurate, consistent, and complete so that the result will be a fair loss payment. Accuracy is high, so manual records and maps might include adjacent non-farmland acres such as ditches and waterways. This affects the field coverage per acre and loss of payment. 3-year Audits in a snap using a planting map, harvest map, and calibration report. We also offer crop surveys, plant counts, multi-spectral (NDVI) fast personal local service and much more!

Our Argus International Gold rated drone pilot, & state of the art Agricultural drone flies 25 miles beyond visual line of sight with complete F.A.A approval. We are certified, insured and ready to take on jobs EXCLUSIVELY for the Clewiston area. Bruni IR will save you time and money with challenging time sensitive tasks.

1,000 acers per hour, affordable price, fast personal service. Call: 561-602-9098