Breaking News: Rare F.A.A. approval for Ag Drones

Our agricultural team has exclusive permission from the F.A.A. to fly beyond the line of site missions. We offer the same data as the mega companies faster and for less overall cost than with most local personal services. Our NDVI imaging services cut costs and build more profit.

Our drone pilot is GOLD Rated by Argus International, the world’s leader in specialized aviation services and host to the nation’s most prestigious safety ratings. Of those 5, we are the only company located in the South Eastern United States. Also, we are 1 of 8 companies in the United States to hold a Beyond Visual Line of Site (BVLOS) waiver approved by the FAA. This waiver is good for ALL of Clewiston and its surrounding areas for 25 miles. Our game changer SUPER DRONE, built by Censys Technology can fly a thousand acres per hour or 8,000 acres per day. Bart Bruni, a resident of Clewiston, and a representative of both Palm Beach and Hendry Counties, is ready to provide personal service, 24- 7.