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The Latest In Aerial Drone Technology

Welcome to Bruni Infrared.  We are a full service family owned company with over three decades of experience inspecting Florida properties. We operate under the direction of Bart Bruni Certified Master Thermographer and State Certified Termite & Pest Operator.  We specialize in predictive,  preventive inspections for; infrared commercial roof moisture surveys, building leaks, mold, pests & termites, thermal crop surveys, mechanical, electrical  systems, and more. We provide cost effective solutions on land at sea and from the air.

Our FAA fully licensed Aerial Drone Fleet  uses the latest thermal infrared remote sensing technology to assist our clients all year in improving efficiency, reducing cost while protecting the environment.

How does Infrared Work?

The infrared camera detects large or extremely small but, crucial differences in surface temperature from one area to another. The temperature variations show up on the camera’s view screen as “cold” or “hot” spots, which reveal hidden problems beyond the surface. That cannot be detected in the course of a traditional visual inspection.

At some point building owners, growers and breeders will become affected by high energy costs, heavy rains, leaks, periodic flooding and droughts. Infrared Inspection Technology can assist with these environmental and building concerns in a non destructive way. With regular IR inspections controllable catastrophic events and productivity downtime can be greatly reduced resulting in direct and ancillary cost savings.

  • Hidden Moisture & Mold – Get a new perspective on hidden damage areas

  • Real Estate Inspections – Aerial Infrared Inspections Go Beyond The Naked Eye

  • Construction Faults – Faulty wiring, Pipes, Window, Ceiling and Door Leaks

  • Roof Moisture Surveys = Do a better job in less time

  • Certified Reports – Maximize proof of loss claims and much more!

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Resolution Matters in Aerial Thermography!

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